Responsible: Economopoulou Fani
Dietitian Nutritionist
Master of Clinical Nutrition
Address: 17 Ethnarchou Makariou
Postal code: 12131
Area: Peristeri
City: Athens
A.F.M: ​​139182633
Phones: 210575 7911, 6978 543 777

Customer service.

The customer service department is available to answer questions via e-mail at

If you prefer telephone communication please call: +30 210 575 7911, +30 6978 543 777.

The prices are in euros and include VAT. 24 % and may change at the moment. If there has been a price adjustment and you have ordered a product you will receive it at the price that was in effect when the order was placed.

If a product does not list a price or is zero, it may have come from a wrong entry, so it is not valid. In this case, please contact the company at +30 210575 7911, +30 6978 543 777.


The online store offers all internet users the opportunity to purchase a wide range of products at competitive prices, displaying, promoting and reselling the products of its suppliers. The company chooses at its absolute discretion the products it will present to the consumer public through as well as renewing and/or withdrawing them, at any time, without justification and without prior notification in any way.